So, now you have set up your gmail

Let's go to your Google Reader. what

Let's subscribe to something.

Everyone subscribes to the Albert Lea Tribune.

How to find subject specific blogs or subscriptions:

Add a subject specific blog or subscription.

WORK TIME Adding subscriptions

Adding subscriptions using the search feature from Google Reader

How to move around in Google Reader

Viewing feeds in Google Reader

Google Reader Shortcuts (add link here)

Here is a new feature Google created to search for blogs:

You can also add RSS Feeds in Outlook

Look to the right hand side of your screen when you launch Outlook, and you will see an item labeled RSS.
You can use this in a very similar fashion as Google Reader to get an RSS Feed to come directly to this folder in your Outlook. One bit of caution--choose one that publishes just a few items a week, or you will fill up your mailbox with lots and lots of e-mail notifications. You won't notice it in your main mailbox, but if you open up the RSS by clicking on the plus, you may find 100s of e-mails downloaded...and Doug will be a-callin'!