2010 2011 Library Media Center Changes

1. Study Hall Passes--through Google Forms
2. Staff check-out of their own materials (if desired)
3. Staff check-out of student materials (if desired)
(video to be added)

4. Moving of materials
  • Shifting non-fiction
  • Moving all periodicals onto the floor in the non-fiction area
  • Moving DVDs to the backroom for better staff access
  • More shifting and reconfiguring the spaces of the media center in the future
5. Printing to the color printer
  • Staff should be mapped to print. Niebuhr will send you the link if you don't have it.
  • Students can go through either teachers or media specialist to print to the color printer
6. Make-up Tests--know that you can send your tests in and have students take them here, but there will be little supervision of them during that time...but you can still use the space.
7. AUP Focus
8. Mobile Devices in the media center
  • No talking on devices unless a teacher has indicated they are doing a project that requires to students to use their cell phone to record a podcast or audio response.
  • No violations of other school policies while using phones (for example:)
    • Profanity/Inappropriate Language
    • Bullying and Harassment

9. **Build instruction for students to effective users of the Web, it's tools, it's information and interaction with social media